SoundTech Textile Page

SoundTech Textiles are made from an abundant and naturally occurring resource: quartz. Melted and spun into fine threads, these threads are then processed and refined with state-of-the-art technologies to form high quality fabrics. Offering long life cycles and extreme durability, SoundTech Textiles are the perfect solution for all of your interior wallcovering applications!


Long Live Your Walls... and the Environment

With SoundTech Textiles, it's easy to do the right thing for the environment. A durable wall covering solution made from a renewable resource, SoundTech Textiles stand the test of time - virutally eliminating the need for removeal and replacement. They are highly resistant to wear and tear and feature excellent reinforcing characteristics, thereby reducing maintenance costs and efforts for new and existing interior walls. Simply put, SoundTech Textiles are designed to last a life time.

Breathe Easy

Did you know that when glass filaments are spun into yarn they are pound for pound stronger than steel in tensile strength? This strength not only creates a highly durable wall covering, but also maintains extreme hygiene requirements. By providing a strong and easy-to-clean surface, SoundTech Textiles offer no pores and pockets in which microorganisms could accumulate, making them the ideal solution for healthcare facilities and restaurants.

Another reason to breathe easy... glass does not burn! It melts at very high temperatures, so flame spreads are very low, even as low as zero in some SoundTech Textiles patterns, resulting in a Class I certification. But more importantly, in tests of ALL SoundTech Textiles patterns, the smoke development is almost zero - a key benefit since smoke is the leading cause of death in fires. This almost zero smoke development is a feature that other wall covering products like fiberglass reinforced panels and vinyl simply cannot achieve.

Holding to Higher Standards

You can count on SoundTech Textiles for proven ecological standards. In fact, the use of SoundTech Textiles may contribute to earning USGBC LEED® certification (see chart below). But that is not all! SoundTech Textiles have also earned third-party certification under the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ranking them in the same category as "Textiles for Babies".

From longevity to hygiene, SoundTech Textiles make it easy to do the right thing for your walls and the environment! Check out our Technical Data page for more information on SoundTech Textiles.


LEED -  NC MR Credit 1.1 - 1.2 Building Reuse 1-2 points
MR Credit 1.3 Building Reuse 50% Interior 1 point
EQ Credit 4.1 Low Emitting Materials - Adhesives & Sealants 1 point
ID Credit 1.1-1.4 Innovation in Design 1-4 points
LEED - CI MR Credit 1.2-1.3 Building Reuse 40/60% 1-2 points
EQ Credit 4.1 Low Emitting Materials - Adhesives & Sealants 1 point
ID Credit 1.1-1.4 Innovation in Design 1-4 points
LEEB - EB MR Credits 3.1 & 3.2 Optimize use of IAG Complaint Products 2 points
IUOM Credit 1 Innovations in Upgrades, Operations & Maintenance 1-4 points