Healthcare Solutions

SoundCoustic™ Acoustical Wall Surfacing for the Healthcare Industry

SoundCoustic™ acoustical wall system is ideal for improving doctor-patient confidentiality as well as patient comfort. As a healthcare provider, you work daily to bring your patients health and healing – the SoundCoustic™ sound reduction system is just another way you can achieve your goal.

In addition to added comfort and quiet, hospital sound control and privacy is vital for HIPAA compliance. Thin walls and listening ears can be a disastrous combination in your facility or doctor’s office. Sound control is easy and affordable with SoundCoustic™.  Help avoid expensive lawsuits for HIPAA violations when you install our acoustical solutions.

Common Applications and Benefits of SoundCoustic™

From hospitals to long-term care facilities, SoundCoustic’s™ washable textile surface, and vibration and sound reducing qualities, are an easy and cost effective solution. Our customers have used SoundCoustic™ to quiet noisy eating areas, secure private office conversations and reduce sleepless nights in hospital rooms. Some of the benefits of choosing SoundCoustic™ instead of less functional or more expensive acoustical options include:


Sanitary spaces are crucial to hospitals, doctor’s offices and veterinary clinics. When combined with the recommended paint, SoundCoustic™ durable textile facing is designed to be easily washable and sustainable.


SoundCoustic's thin but durable wall system costs less than traditional sound panels.

Easy Installation

At just under ¼ inch thick, SoundCoustic™ installs easily over existing drywall, paneling or other surfaces without interfering with existing trim work and ceiling tiles.

Impact & Fire Resistant

SoundCoustic™ is a monolithic system so it is not vulnerable like delicate drywall that cracks easily. Our sound reduction system can withstand both impact and fire by doubling the strength of normal drywall making it 40% more impact resistant than Abuse Resistant Drywall. For more information on our Class A fire resistant rating, contact us and we will send you a full list of test results and specifications.

For examples of how we’ve applied SoundCoustic™ to the healthcare industry, visit our projects page or contact us with your questions.