SoundCoustic™ for a quieter classroom

SoundCoustic™ acoustical wall surfacing is proven to significantly reduce reverberation in the speech frequency ranges with NRC ratings ranging from .51 to .62. If you, your staff or your students are suffering from noisy classrooms, cafeterias or hallways, SoundCoustic™ can help reduce noise by absorbing it in the walls and ceilings. From dorm rooms to libraries and lounges, a quiet environment brings a new level of peace. With a simple installation of the ¼ inch sound system over your existing drywall, you will experience some of the following benefits:


SoundCoustic™ is covered with a washable glass textile facing and when combined with the recommended paint*, provides a decorative, sustainable and washable surface. For cafeterias where food and drink spills occur all too frequently, a washable wall is a definite must!

*See manufacturer's recommended paint instructions for optimal performance.

Impact Resistant

Hallways and other high-traffic areas are often exposed to some rough treatment. That’s why SoundCoustic™ is designed to be sustainable and able to withstand high impact. Our acoustical system won’t crack or break when a heavy backpack slams against it.

Fire Resistant

Safety is a primary concern in all schools and SoundCoustic™ can help increase safety for your staff and students because it is Class A fire resistant. Visit our Specifications page to see how it performs when tested to ASTM, NFPA and MEA standards.


SoundCoustic™ is one of the most affordable and complete thin-wall noise reduction systems available. Standard acoustical insulation panels start around twice the cost and can run up to 10 times more!

If you’re interested in exploring SoundCoustic™ for your school, college, university or other educational facility, contact us for a quote.