SoundCoustic™: A solution for noise reduction in Office and Commercial environments.

Installing acoustical solutions in your office or other commercial building can help to reduce distraction and increase productivity for your employees. Commercial noise control is easy to implement with the SoundCoustic™ Acoustical Wall System. SoundCoustic™ provides acoustic solutions that offer a number of benefits over traditional wall carpeting or sound panels:


There are no highly visible seams or weak points in the SoundCoustic™ wall system.  When properly finished, the system has a monolithic, continuous look. This monolithic construction also improves durability and impact resistance.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

SoundCoustic™ installs easily over your existing walls – no tearing down required! In addition, it is only ¼ inch thick, so it doesn’t interfere with traditional molding and ceiling grids. Sustainable and easy to maintain.


SoundCoustic™ costs significantly less than traditional sound deadening panels. It also requires only a level 1 finish in most cases, thereby reducing the installed cost on gypsum board.  The payback on your investment starts immediately.


If you are working towards LEED® status for your building, installing SoundCoustic™ can help. View our LEED® credit ratings to see just how much. It is also GreenGuard™ compliant, outperforming those requirements for formaldehyde and VOC control.

SoundCoustic™ can revolutionize your office sound insulation by providing all of the benefits above as well as a washable and attractive surface. For more information on SoundCoustic™, download our brochure or just contact us directly with your questions.