SoundCoustic™ Markets Served

The first thin-wall solution to offer acoustics along with great cleanability

SoundCoustic™ Acoustical Wall Surfacing is a revolutionary way to quiet your space. A superior alternative to wall carpeting, traditional acoustical panels, and stretch fabric systems, SoundCoustic™ offers the ability to achieve noise reduction with the textile facing of your choice. Focused on speech frequency ranges, SoundCoustic™ has many decorative surfaces to choose from and can be painted in any color or finish you desire.

Healthcare Solutions

SoundCoustic™ is an acoustical wall surfacing that is washable, durable and affordable – perfect for hospital rooms, cafeterias or doctors’ offices where privacy and quiet are important.

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Education Solutions

No more noisy classrooms and echoing lecture halls! SoundCoustic™ is a sound proofing system that absorbs noise levels located between .51-.62 of speech frequency range, making it an ideal solution for noise reduction in the educational industry.

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Hospitality Solutions

For the hospitality industry, SoundCoustic™ offers a washable surface in attractive designs by Patty Madden. SoundCoustic™ will absorb background noise and loud conversations in your hotel or restaurant.

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Office,  Commercial & GSA  Solutions

Whether you want sound insulation for an office, airport or other commercial building, SoundCoustic™ is the best solution. SoundCoustic™ is impact, fire, and mold resistant as well as attractive and easy to install.

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