About SoundCoustic™ and SoundTech

SoundCoustic™ is an innovative sound reduction product manufactured by SoundTech – a Michigan Certified Women’s Business supplying acoustical and thermal insulation throughout North America and Asia. We are proud of our commitment to environmentally sustainable solutions for our customer base. SoundCoustic™ is just one of our innovative “green” products.

SoundCoustic™ is special because it is the first thin-wall solution that offers acoustics as well as cleanability. There are many other benefits associated with our product, including:


Seams blend in and, when finished with a high quality paint, become virtually unnoticeable. The special design of the system makes for a durable and impact resistant product.

Easy Installation

SoundCoustic™ is just ¼ inch thick and installs over your existing walls with the application of an adhesive.View our installation video to see how it’s done.


SoundCoustic™ costs approximately 50% less than traditional acoustic panels, wall carpeting, and stretch-wrap systems.


Our product is GreenGuard compliant for formaldehyde and VOC control and can also count towards your LEED® certification.


A breathable material is important for preventing mold and mildew growth inside your walls. SoundCoustic™ is breathable without losing any of its sound blocking capability.

Beautifully Designed

Patty Madden, widely known for her work in Commercial Wallcoverings and textiles, designed a variety of attractive patterns that have been added to our extensive Scandatex™ Facing line . Patty’s designs can be painted any color you like. Try out our Colorizer tool to pair textures and colors in a number of settings.

Fire Resistant

SoundCoustic™ is made from materials that help prevent the quick spread of fires. View our Product Sheet for more details about our Class A test results for fire-resistance.

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